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Make sure that the value of gcmSenderId still has the trailing backslash

14. tammikuuta 2019 klo 16.44
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Avainsanat: Android, Google, Mattermost, Nexus

A hint for anyone googling for this: make sure that the value of gcmSenderId in your AndroidManifest.xmlstill has the trailing backslash (\) after you’ve changed the project number to your own. Otherwise the value gets interpreted as int, when it should be a string, which is one way to trigger the issue of devices being assigned empty/null IDs.

(The building instructions do have this documented in bold, but it’s still very easy to miss, I know I did. Complicating the debugging was my Nexus 5X, which kept getting a proper device ID even when all other devices using the same broken build failed to.)

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Process: com.nextcloud.client: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

5. lokakuuta 2018 klo 15.23
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Avainsanat: Motorola, Nextcloud, Nexus, Samsung

All of my devices are affected by this, or something very similar. My server is running Ubuntu 16.06 with Nextcloud 14.0.1 (in a subdirectory). Here’s logs from my

I trimmed them down to (what appears to me as) the essential, filtered out some noise and replaced my username and the server hostname.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. (On desktop) Create a new subdirectory under the sync directory, add two JPEG files into it. Wait for changes to sync.
  2. (On mobile) Open Nextcloud, select the newly created directory, switch to grid view.

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Can’t connect Nextcloud Android app with the server

20. heinäkuuta 2016 klo 19.20
Sijainti: Keskustelupalstat: Nextcloud
Avainsanat: Android, F-Droid, Nextcloud, Nexus, Samsung

I just migrated from Owncloud 8.2 to Nextcloud 9.0.52. Everything else (i.e. the web interface, desktop client) seems to work just fine, but I can’t get the Nextcloud Android app to connect with the server. I can enter the URL (no errors), my login and password, but the ”Connect” button feels totally unresponsive, it does nothing at all no matter how much I tap it. No error messages are given by the app nor is there anything correlating with the attempts in server logs.

This happens on both my phone (Nexus 5X, Android M) and tablet (Samsung Tab 4, Android L). I also tried the Beta app from F-Droid and the issue is present there too. It’s also present in both my WLAN and when using a direct 3G connection on the phone (so I don’t think the WLAN router’s firewall is the cause either).

The Owncloud app on the same devices still works with the server, although I haven’t tried logging out and re-connecting it.

The server is on shared hosting where I have shell access.

Any suggestions?

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I’ve never even seen a Nexus, so owning one would be pretty sweet

3. toukokuuta 2014 klo 10.26
Sijainti: Videosivustot: YouTube
Avainsanat: Nexus

I’ve never even seen a Nexus, so owning one would be pretty sweet. But anyway, good luck with the finals!

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Hiljainen ja edullinen

21. tammikuuta 2014 klo 17.54
Sijainti: Muut: Verkkokauppa.com
Avainsanat: kuluttajuus, Nexus

Vilkaisin ennen ostopäätöstä muutamia PWM-tuuletinten kokoelma-arvosteluja, ja Nexusta niissä suositeltiin. Ilokseni tämä sattui olemaan vielä edullisimmasta päästä, joten kaupat oli helppo tehdä. En ole aiemmin asentanut kotelotuulettimia (silikonikiinnittimin varsinkaan), joten olisin kaivannut yksiselitteisiä asennusohjeita (mukana ei tullut), mutta eivät nämä varsinaisesti mitään rakettitiedettä ole, ja netistä löytyvin vinkein asennus meni niin kuin pitikin.

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