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Business cars for ants

31. maaliskuuta 2015 klo 19.30
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Business cars for ants

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Bee/wasp sting mess

25. toukokuuta 2013 klo 19.37
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The intro links to the article on bee stings, but bee venom is apitoxin, and the apitoxin article makes no mention of formic acid. I suppose formic acid is more likely to be found in wasp stings, wasps and ants being closely related. But ”wasp sting” currently redirects to the bee sting article, which to me seems questionable despite claims there that some erroneously refer to wasp stings as ”bee stings”. This is such a complicated mess outside my expertise that I don’t dare touch it, but I wish someone more knowledgeable would rectify or clarify the relationships between these topics (articles).

Vastaa viestiin sen kontekstissa (Wikipedia)