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Ilmiö on suht’ harvinainen, mutta ihan todellinen

2. joulukuuta 2022 klo 10.35
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Ilmiö on suht’ harvinainen, mutta ihan todellinen. Ihmiset tunnustavat jopa rikoksia, joita ei ole edes tapahtunut.

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Välifoliokansi oli liimattu vinoon, ja rasiasta oli valunut nestettä

28. marraskuuta 2022 klo 15.31
Sijainti: Muut: Valio
Avainsanat: kuluttajuus, Valio

Välifoliokansi oli liimattu vähän vinoon, jonka seurauksena rasiasta oli valunut nestettä muiden ostosten sekaan. Eikä ollut ensimmäinen kerta, kun tätä on sattunut, joskin edelliskerrasta on nyt jo sen verran aikaa, että luulin, että tämä oli tuotantolinjalla jo korjattu.

Tuo folio on usein myös vähän oikullinen avattava. Useimmiten se kyllä irtoaa nätisti kokonaisena, mutta joskus taas liimaus on niin epätasainen, että kansi repeää heti alkuunsa, ja sitten sen joutuu kuorimaan suikaleina pois.

Lopuksi vielä hieman aiheen vierestä: tässä palautelomakkeella ensimmäisenä haetaan tuotetta nimellä. Kun siihen kirjoittaa esim. ”arki rae”, ei löydy mitään, koska järjestelmän listauksessa nimen perään on typerästi ympätty tavaramerkki-R (Arki®). Eipä taida kovin moni käyttäjä arvata tai edes osata näppäimistöllään tuota ®:n kirjoittaa.

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”Security check failed” if session expires during editing

17. marraskuuta 2022 klo 19.10
Sijainti: Keskustelupalstat: WordPress Support Forums
Avainsanat: WordPress

Plugin version: 3.6.2

This is similar to one previously reported issue, but I have a specific situation where this occurs (and appears to be 100 % reproducible):

1. Start editing an article
2. Have your session cookie expire (to simulate, you can delete the cookie in browser settings)
3. Continue editing the article, or just wait until the next heartbeat, to have the login form pop up
4. Fill in the login form (over the editor) to log back in
5. Click Save draft

Result is the ”WP to Twitter: Security check failed” error page.

Thankfully, the draft has still been saved, and going back to the editor (using the browser’s back button) restores it. Also the next attempt to Save draft goes through without issues2 (I’ve only tried this using Firefox though, and can’t say if it’s as harmless in other browsers).

I haven’t looked at the code, but if the issue is caused by nonce invalidation at step 2, the plugin should probably update its nonce(s) when login-related hooks fire after step 3.

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Luulin, että tämä oli Pieniä ihmeitä

15. marraskuuta 2022 klo 12.24
Sijainti: Blogit: Silmänkääntövankila

Luulin vielä lopussakin, että tämä oli Pieniä ihmeitä, mutta tämähän olikin näitä Silmiksen pieniä ihmeitä.

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Yes, it’s mainly about expectation

11. lokakuuta 2022 klo 19.47
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Mattermost

Hi @hmhealey,

Yes, it’s mainly about expectation. For an actual use case, I noticed this when mentioning an IRC channel name, which became a long, distracting and useless hashtag link, exacerbated by agglutination and multi-word hyphenation typical in Finnish, (e.g. #channelname-irc-kanavalla). I tried to make it less distracting by editing in a preceding backslash, only to discover that it didn’t work here.

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No way to escape a word-starting hash character (#) in plaintext

11. lokakuuta 2022 klo 18.12
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Mattermost


There is no way to escape a word-starting hash character (#) in plaintext.

Steps to reproduce

In MM 7.3.0, post this, verbatim: \#anything

Expected behavior


Observed behavior (that appears unintentional)


Possible fixes

Workaround: instead of ”\#anything”, post this: &#​35;anything

Using backticks (`\#anything`) also works, but obviously the word then gets formatted as code and not plaintext.

Other notes

This is mainly an issue of inconsistency and surprise: backslash works to escape most other special formatting, so I’d expect it to work here too.

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Still present in Nextcloud 3.21.2

1. lokakuuta 2022 klo 18.46
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Android, Samsung

Still present in Nextcloud 3.21.2. My device is a Samsung A9 running Android 10.

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If a simple accidental click somewhere could cause this, that’s a loaded gun pointed at the user’s toe

29. syyskuuta 2022 klo 19.46
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Launchpad
Avainsanat: Ubuntu

@Julian: I’d argue that if a simple accidental click somewhere can cause this, that’s a loaded gun pointed at the user’s toe, and hence a bug in the installer.

@Brian: I’ll try the 22.04 images. I’ve kept trying with 20.04.5, but have yet to find another instance of this occurring, so it’s obviously not easy to trigger.

I’m not particularly troubled by this issue (and the original reporter doesn’t seem to be either), so feel free to adjust ’Importance’ accordingly.

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I don’t know anything beyond ”this is a standard Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome) desktop”

29. syyskuuta 2022 klo 11.51
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Gnome, Ubuntu, Wayland, WezTerm

Please tell me more about your window environment; Gnome/Mutter don’t support Client Side Decoration (CSD) for Wayland clients, so wezterm draws its own limited decorations. Those don’t support right clicking or context menus, so I’m not sure how that maximize menu you described shows up.

Sure, though I don’t yet know anything beyond ”this is a standard Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome) desktop, using Wayland”. Are there any commands I could run to find out more?

Copy & paste doesn’t work in the debug overlay (any selection I make is deselected as soon as I hit Ctrl), but there’s nothing there anyway apart from the intro (no matter how many times I trigger the resizing issue).

Screenshot from 2022-09-29 11-35-40

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Window resizing broken in Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland

28. syyskuuta 2022 klo 14.13
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: GDM, Gnome, Ubuntu, Wayland, WezTerm

What Operating System(s) are you seeing this problem on?

Linux Wayland

Which Wayland compositor or X11 Window manager(s) are you using?


WezTerm version


Did you try the latest nightly build to see if the issue is better (or worse!) than your current version?

Yes, and I updated the version box above to show the version of the nightly that I tried

Describe the bug

I’m running a standard Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome desktop, but with Wayland. Resizing of wezterm window is broken on this setup: selecting ”maximize” from the title bar context menu or dragging the window against the top or the sides of the screen doesn’t maximize/tile the window, but any resizing that does happen results in any text entered in the terminal thereafter to be get garbled. In this screenshot I’ve first entered wezterm --version before resizing, then dragged the window against the top, then entered wezterm --version again:

Screenshot from 2022-09-28 13-43-02

To Reproduce

  1. Install your bog-standard Ubuntu 20.04 desktop in a VM and boot it up.
  2. On the GDM login screen select ”Ubuntu on Wayland” from the bottom right menu, then log in.
  3. Install wezterm.
  4. Start wezterm.
  5. Right-click wezterm’s title bar and select ”Maximize”.
  6. Type something


no config

Expected Behavior

After step 5, I expect the window to be maximized (i.e. to fill the desktop). After step 6, I expect to see what I typed.


no logs available

Anything else?

The issue is not present in an X11 session. Ubuntu 20.04 defaults to X11, but I’ve used it with Wayland exclusively since the release without issues. More specifically, I can’t remember seeing resizing issues similar to this with any other application.

I also have a laptop running Ubuntu 22.04 and Wayland, and there all resizing of the wezterm window works just as I’d expect (i.e. just as in any other application).

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